Winner of 3 IFFAs, Official Selection La Jolla 2015, Official Selection Mercedes Benz Bokeh South Africa Fashionf FF 2016

Our newest fashion film, a love story like no other.

Cast, Antonio Contreras, Sandra Navarro, Lisa Frias, Fe Bongolan, Tanilee Amor, Elias Daniel Gonzalez, Tom Dude, Nicolas Dolce, Tania Santiago, Rudy Zavala, Kenneth Sugiyama, and special apparence by Rhodessa Jones.

Costumes by T-Michael, Jossy Javier, ISSO San Francisco, Christian Dior Haute Couture,

Accessories by Farbod Barsum

Directed by Patricia Ovando

Director of photography and Editor Mario Novoa

Music by Carlos Mena


Marali Natalia, Antonio Contreras, Kenn Sugiyama, Sandra Navarro, Lisa Frias, Gehno Aviance, Rosalina Lydster, Tania Santiago, Veronica Blanco, Erin Sosa, Antonio Gomez, Tom Dood, Veronica Blanco, Patricia Ovando, Claudia Escobar and the cats Chonita and Diabla

Tom Ford, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino, Gucci, Ali Reza, Monsieur Gris, Nong, Jean Paul Gaultier and Betabrand.

Rosalina www.jewlerybyrosalina.com

Hair and Makeup
Marali Natalia’s hair and make up by Tony Herebia and Magdalena Sanchez

Supporting actors’ hair and make up
Alejandra Catalina Garcia Cardona

Kabio Kreations and Gehno Aviance

Song Performed
Marali Natalia

Collaborators on this Film
Brandon Jameson and Patricia Ovando

Claudia Escobar and Antonio Contreras